Piano Maintenance & Repair

My piano may need more than just a tuning. What next?

  • If you are considering the purchase of a new or used piano, or you know that the piano you have needs more than just a tuning to get it playing properly, the piano evaluation may be the best place to start.
  • Every piano tuning has the option of receiving a Condition Report that will detail necessary repairs and adjustments. This Report is complimentary with the tuning service.
  • Sometimes, repairs are needed before tuning can be done. If an evaluation and a Condition Report are all that is needed or can be performed, the cost of  the service call is $125.
  • Occasionally, a piano will need more repair than is economically sensible to perform and may not be able to be tuned at all. With this type of service call, the charge is $90. If you are uncertain if your piano is worth fixing and you would like to avoid the $90 service call, give us a call and we may be able to make that determination over the phone or through e-mail. If you’re piano is very old or in questionable condition, it is highly recommended to call ahead. We may be able to save you some time and money.

What is regulation?

  • Every piano is made of thousands of parts that are designed to work together to provide even response across the keyboard, many levels of expression and proper timing of the key & pedal presses and returns. Regulation is what brings these delicate relationships between parts back to their optimal specs.
  • A piano’s regulation needs vary greatly from one piano to another. If only minor adjustments are needed, a half day service may suffice. If more extensive adjustments are necessary, a full concert regulation could take up to three days. Sometimes, parts may need to be repaired or replaced before a proper regulation can be performed. A piano evaluation will help determine the proper service level for your piano and provide an estimated cost for those services.

What other types of services do you offer?

  • Pre-purchase consultation. $125 with an included Condition Report.
  • Cleaning of the case, keys or soundboard under the strings.
  • Polishing pedals and other case hardware.
  • Voicing.
  • Climate control installation.
  • Complete repinning and string replacement.
  • CA Glue treatment of failing pin blocks. (Evaluation required)