Piano Care

A piano tuning from Finely Tuned Pianos will make your piano sing at its peak musical ability. Included with your tuning is a complete evaluation of your piano’s moving parts, with every recommended service needed to bring your instrument up to its full potential thoroughly and clearly explained.

Standard Fine Tuning
$175 (includes free service evaluation)

A standard piano tuning ensures the piano is at the pitch of A=440hz. This fine tuning will produce a stable, pleasing sound that most find will last about six months. Pianos that are played often or pianos that are more susceptible to seasonal changes may require more frequent tunings.

Every tuning includes a free service evaluation (a $79 value) that will detail any repairs or maintenance that may need to be done to keep your piano in top working condition.

Tuning a piano usually involves turning over 200 individual pins and their attached strings. Please allow 60-90 minutes for this service.

Pitch Correction
an additional $50

Pianos that have not been tuned within a year or longer or pianos that have recently been moved may need to be raised in pitch to produce a stable tuning prior to the fine tuning.

Please plan for an additional 30 minutes for this service.

Piano Evaluation

A piano is an important investment in one’s musical future. Purchasing a used piano can be potentially worrisome. Major repairs can turn that “great deal” into an expensive project or a nice piece of furniture with little musical value. A pre-purchase consultation will give you a technician’s professional evaluation of the piano’s condition and any necessary repairs that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Maybe you would like to know how much work that family piano in the garage needs to bring it to a playable condition before actually investing much in it. Like the pre-purchase consultation, a technician’s evaluation will give you a precise idea of the scope and cost of the work necessary.

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A piano consists of 5,000 to 10,000 moving parts. Keeping those moving parts working properly is vital to maintaining keyboard uniformity while giving the greatest dynamic range possible, allowing the musician to express themselves most easily. A regulation ensures the relationship of those moving parts is at its optimal efficiency.

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Over time, felt hammers become compacted and hardened as they repeatedly strike the strings and uneven tonal qualities can form as the hammers are played, producing some harsh or brighter notes while others remain more mellow or soft. Voicing can address this by carefully reshaping the hammers and needling of the hammer felts. A well voiced piano produces an even, musical tone throughout the entire range of notes.

String Replacement
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Piano strings are made of copper and steel. Humidity, temperature, oils from our hands, rust and dirt can all affect a piano strings ability to stretch or produce musical tones. Sometimes, those strings will break. Price will vary depending on the strings that are needed to be replaced. Some piano strings need to be custom made and it may take some time to complete the job.